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            The Bruce-Romeo Fire Department is a combination Fire Department.  We are a dedicated group of firefighters with the common goal of providing the best services possible to the residents of Bruce Township and the Village of Romeo and all who pass through it.  You must evaluate your commitment to this goal and this organization, as it will be a commitment of sacrifice and dedication. 

             If you are joining this organization simply to ‘hang out’ or for something to do then you need to seriously reconsider filling out this application.  This is not a hobby or a social club, we are a full-service fire and EMS organization. Firefighting and Emergency Medical Service are dangerous jobs and require extensive training and commitment.  When a request for assistance is paged, you must be committed to responding and completing the task at hand.  We are on call every hour of the day and every day of the year – no matter what – and you are expected to be there!  But you cannot do this without being properly trained.  In order to work well together we all need to train together and your attendance at these trainings will allow you to get ‘up to speed’ quickly.  If accepted to this department, you will be placed on a one year probationary period, during which time your attendance, participation and progress will be monitored by members and officers of the Department.  If you do not meet the standard requirements for this Department after that period then your probation will be extended or you may be asked to resign.

             Our wish is for you to join the Bruce-Romeo Fire Department, but we will demand your dedication and commitment.  Our members are proud of this organization and work hard to maintain its image and improve its performance.  We will do everything in our power to provide you with the knowledge, tools and equipment to succeed in this organization.  All you need is the dedication, commitment and willingness to serve your community. 



 Dave Witgen

 Fire Chief

Paid-on-Call Application Package
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