Building Department

Building Supervisor: Richard Cory (Ext. 115)
Building Official: Ray Hicks
Building Secretary: Bonnie Scherr (Ext. 120)
Plumbing/Mechanical Inspector: Tim Israel
Electrical Inspector: Tim Dillon
Secretaries: Lisa Cross

Direct Line: 586-258-7053
Fax: 586-752-4866      


The building department has written information available for various types of construction projects. Projects which require permits include: new construction, structural changes, decks, swimming pools, accessory buildings over 200 square feet, and replacement of roofing when the original shingles are removed. In addition to a building permit, permits are required for plumbing, electrical, and mechanical work. Examples include lawn sprinklers, fireplaces, and replacing or adding a furnace or air conditioning, among others. Check with the department regarding your project.

To obtain a building permit construction plans must be submitted to the department for review along with site plans and permits from other agencies. A complete list of these requirements is available from our office. The Macomb County Health Department regulates and issues permits for wells and septic fields. Bruce Township has a limited area served by sanitary sewers and permits for work on the sanitary sewer are obtained from our department. Residential plumbing, electrical and mechanical permits are issued without a separate review process.

The building inspector is generally available for questions during the week between 8:15 and 9 am. Otherwise, all inspectors will return phone calls during the day as their inspection schedules allow. Twenty-four hour notice is required for scheduling inspections. Inspections can be scheduled in person or by phone. If staff is not available to answer the phone, information can be left on voice mail at extension 122. Information necessary for scheduling inspections includes: type of inspection, job address, date inspection is needed, name & phone number of caller, and any special entry instructions.